We offer complete variety of diagnostic and treatment services to patients involved in auto accidents in the state of New York.

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We offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment services for our patients

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Some injuries from an auto accident are minor and you can recover in a few days without much effort. Then there are the severe injuries where the recovery time is measured in months. If you’ve experienced a severe injury because of an auto accident, one of our clinic’s specialties is physical medicine and rehabilitation. We will work together to help you regain as much strength as possible during your recovery.
Head injuries are common in automobile accidents. Even the effects of whiplash-like injuries can create symptoms within the central nervous system. If you experience numbness, tingling sensations, or muscle weakness after an accident, then you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a doctor in this specialty right away.
Pain Management
Auto accidents of any type can be quite painful. If over-the-counter medication is not helping with your pain control, an appointment may be necessary to evaluate your condition. Keep the no-fault application deadlines in mind when seeking out care, especially if it occurs sometime after the accident. We’ll work together to ensure that you can focus on making a recovery instead of focusing on the pain.


Joint injuries are very common in auto accidents. Bone injuries are also common. Broken bones should always be treated as a medical emergency. Even strains or sprains, however, can be extremely painful after an accident. Our doctors will take a close look at your injury, recommend an immediate treatment, and then work with you to develop a treatment plan that reduces your discomfort.
Internal Medicine
Internal injuries are common after an auto accident. Some injuries may not become bothersome for days, sometimes weeks, after an accident. Your post-accident care plan should include at least one appointment with an internal specialist, so you can know what the overall status of your health happens to be.
Foot injuries happen more often than you might think in auto accidents. Many are caused by the unexpected impact, though various conditions may develop during your post-accident recovery. Our doctors will examine your feet to determine if a corrective treatment is necessary and provide in-appointment corrections as needed.

We specialize in providing top quality post-accident medical care you require for the fullest recovery possible.

Being in an automobile accident is scary enough. Finding the proper care your health requires should not add stress to your experience. Come meet our team of doctors, find the specialist care you require, and let’s work together to get your life back to some semblance of normal.

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Medex Diagnostic & Treatment Center works with you to ensure that you always have access to the treatment and care you require to make the fullest recovery possible. A car accident in New York can be a devastating experience. Let us help you start to feel better if you’ve been in a recent accident. Schedule your appointment with our team today.

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