What to Do If You’re in an Auto Accident in New York State?

No one seeks out an auto accident

They’re just one of those things that happen sometimes. On the average day in New York State, there are 48 people who will be injured because of an accident which occurs. That figure includes drivers and passengers in vehicles. It covers cyclists who may be injured by a vehicle, as well as pedestrians who may be struck by a vehicle.

If you’re in an auto accident in New York State, your first step should be an evaluation of your health. Seek out emergency medical care if it is necessary.Once your health is not in a threatened condition, you’ll want to follow the steps required for no-fault care to ensure your post-accident qualifying expenses are properly covered.

Steps to Follow in No-Fault Healthcare Needs

1. Get your paperwork in order.

There are several stipulations within the no-fault laws in place that are intended to reduce fraudulent claims. The unfortunate side effect of these stipulations is that making a no-fault claim can feel like an adversarial process. You’ll need to fill out the no-fault application to ensure an insurance carrier doesn’t have a valid reason to deny your claim.

You’ll need to fill out Form NF-2 in New York State. It is usually provided by the insurance carrier of the qualifying vehicle that struck you. In two-vehicle accidents, the usual recommendation is to request the no-fault application from both insurance carriers. You can request the application by phone. Because of the required deadlines, however, a mail request, with a certified return receipt, is highly recommended.


2. File in the right amount of time.

You have 30 days from the date of the auto accident to file your no-fault application. Filing the application does not create an obligation to pursue the claim.

Some people assume that their own health insurance will cover an injury from an auto accident. It may not. Fill out the form within the 30-day period to ensure your rights are protected.


3. Send your form to the correct carrier.

Form NF-2 must be sent to the insurance carrier for the car which struck you. Many qualifying applications are denied because the documentation is sent to the insurance carrier of the individual believed to be at-fault for the auto accident.

If you cannot determine which vehicle is the one that actually caused your injury, then contact law enforcement. The police report will obtain the information you require for the no-fault application. Look for a 3-digit code on the police report as this will identify the insurance company that must be contacted.

If the police report cannot determine the vehicle which struck you, then send a notice to the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation. This agency fills-in coverage gaps for those who have a valid claim when no insurance coverage is present. Then, if you discover who should receive the application, you can withdraw your claim.


4. Get your lost wages claim together.

No-fault health coverage includes the possibility of claiming for out-of-pocket expenses, such as lost wages. Employers must send proof of wages through a verification report. You are currently entitled to receive up to 80% of your lost earnings that are directly related to the auto accident, with a maximum benefit of $2,000 per month.

No-Fault Doctor Queens would also provide you with a note informing your employer of the length and extent of your disability that is related to your accident.

Out-of-pocket expenses may also include travel expenses for medical appointments, medication, and medical equipment.


5. See a doctor.

Schedule an appointment with our clinic at (718) 260-6590 if you have been involved in an auto accident which involves an injury. We can help to get you back onto the road to recovery.

Some insurance carriers may require you to see a contracted doctor to verify the status of your health. You must make an appointment at a specified clinic in such a circumstance.


Even when a no-fault application is approved, it is not a benefit that will provide benefits indefinitely.

Most policies in New York State offer a $50,000 benefit. That may cover ambulance costs, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, and long-term needs, such as physical therapy. Make sure you attend every doctor’s appointment. Fulfill your treatment obligations. Follow the instructions of your treatment plan. If you fail to follow any of these steps, you may find it more difficult to access the benefits to which you may be entitled.

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