What to Do If You’re in an Auto Accident in New York State?

Who Pays for Care in No-Fault Injury Cases?

You’ve been injured in an auto accident. Now you need to go see the doctor. Who is going to pay for the care you receive?

If you are injured because of an automobile accident in New York State, no-fault insurance carriers are likely responsible for your care, even if it is emergency care. The medical provider needs to know that you are there because a car accident has caused the injury. Then the provider will directly bill the no-fault insurance carrier. The no-fault law in New York makes it possible for medical treatments to be covered, no matter who is determined to be at-fault in an accident.

What Medical Services Does No-Fault Care Cover?

No-Fault Doctor Queens is a full-service diagnostic and treatment center. We offer more than 20 different medical specialties within our clinic. That means a majority of the services you may require for post-accident treatment are contained within our facility.

The general rule of coverage for an approved no-fault application is that any necessary service to help you recover qualifies until the maximum cap on benefits is reached. Most drivers in New York State carry the minimum mandatory cap of $50,000.

Here is a partial list of medical expenses that are covered by no-fault coverage.

  • Ambulance services
  • Hospital stays
  • Occupational therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical therapy
  • Primary care
  • Prescriptions
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgical procedures
  • X-ray services

It is important that you tell your doctor everything that is bothering you after you’ve been injured in an auto accident. Leave nothing out, even if it doesn’t feel like an important symptom. The specialists in our clinic may think otherwise.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the care you require to get back on your feet once again.

Verification of No-Fault Treatment Options

If your injuries are somewhat minor and do not require immediate medical intervention, you may begin the verification process of your injury as soon as you submit your no-fault application.

Serious injuries that require immediate care usually delay the verification process.

At some point, however, the insurance company will want to verify your injuries through an independent medical examination. Attending a scheduled appointment is necessary. In New York State, insurance carriers may be able to retroactively deny benefits up to the date of the accident if you fail to make this independent appointment. You may also be required to offer your testimony at an examination under oath. The insurance carrier will ask you questions, under oath, with your answers provided on-the-record.

At No-Fault Doctor Queens, we understand that all these requirements can create a stressful atmosphere for you. That’s why our primary focus is always on the individualized care you require to feel better. Receiving the medical care you require will always be the most important step you take after suffering an injury in a car accident.

How to Manage Pain After Your Injury

Pain control is covered by no-fault insurance as well. Your doctor may prescribe specific medications that help to reduce the intensity of your pain. There may also be specific recommendations made by your doctor that guide you toward less overall pain during your recovery. One common recommendation is to eat a healthy diet while getting as much exercise as possible during your recovery. The combination of eating well and physical activities will prevent unnecessary weight gain.

For many injuries, resistance exercises are also part of the recovery process. These exercises are designed to strengthen your bone formation. Warming up before performing any recommended exercises is also important, as that will reduce the chances of a muscle pull or strain occurring. You may be asked to restrict how much weight you carry as you recover. Muscle stiffness tends to begin setting in within 24-48 hours after you reduce activity levels because of an injury. Returning to a normal routine, even if only briefly or at a slower speed, can help to improve the recovery process.

Who Can I See for Treatment After an Auto Accident?

If you’ve been seriously injured in an auto accident, then seek immediate medical attention. You may then receive orders to follow-up with a doctor for ongoing treatments, prescriptions, or physical therapy.

For those who are managing an injury which requires ongoing treatments, you must choose a doctor or clinic in New York which accepts no-fault insurance. If you do not, then your provider will likely bill your personal health insurance. That action may have unexpected results which may cost you more than if you sought care from a no-fault doctor.

At No-Fault Doctor Queens, our clinic will bill the no-fault insurance carrier directly. New York State sets the reimbursement rates that are paid through this process. That way, you don’t need to worry about the bills.

Just worry about getting better.

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